The pre-training and breaking division of Woodside Park Stud is an outstanding facility for beginning the early education of thoroughbreds. They are given the necessary tools they need to perform confidently and professionally in their future racing careers.

Renowned horseman Matty Upton, along with a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff, manages the division. Being involved from the start, Upton has years of industry experience including at prestigious properties, Sutton Grange and David Moodie’s “Yungaburra”. Upton is hands on, riding each breaker himself and personally attending to every horse under his care. With a passion for attention to detail, each thoroughbred’s individual needs and personalities are tailored to.
Woodside Park Stud’s pre-training facility is a stand out with a convenient central Victorian location, based just outside Woodend. Connected by the Calder Fwy, it is only an hour from Melbourne.
The country surroundings suit the young horses, with many different options for educating the youngsters in a variety of environments. Their track skills are developed on the Pro Ride 2400m track, they are barrier educated, hacked out in the paddocks and ridden through the pines. They also have full use of the horse walker, water walker and the 60 metre straight pool for muscle development and recovery.
The 20 metre sand roll is utilised daily before the youngsters head out onto the track. The deep heavy sand is a good conditioning tool to help build and strengthen developing muscles.
With breaking and pre-training being seasonal, the focus is on breakers at the moment until the end of September. With over forty horses in work, many from leading trainers and clients including Matt Cumani, Trent Busuttin and Mick Price.
Having broken in countless youngsters of Woodside Park Stud’s exceptional stallion Written Tycoon, Upton is not surprised why he is getting the brilliant results on the racetrack.
“Written Tycoon stamps his progeny with this natural aerobic capacity,” said Upton.
“They are very trainable, don’t knock up and are clean winded. I feel like I can go an extra lap of the track with every one of them. I don’t remember one that wasn’t like that, good moving horses with great cardio.”
“With the Woodside Racing Club being launched this year, we are looking forward to taking the quality horses selected further in their education. We will still do basic starting and early education, but we will progress to jump outs and fast gallop work. Then when they go to the trainer they are ready to barrier trial, ready to race.” Upton commented.
Woodside Park Stud has a vision for the future – to keep improving and developing the quality of thoroughbred education so each and every horse is well balanced and correctly conditioned to realise its potential on the racetrack.
The experience of each owner and trainer is also a priority. Ensuring open communication and involvement, building on the trust they have bestowed on Woodside Park Stud to give their thoroughbred the very best opportunity for success.